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Succulent Studio is a growing startup based in California. Their business allows customers to subscribe to their platform to receive two 8-week-old mystery succulents each month.

Customers can go to their website and follow a pretty straightforward checkout process to purchase a subscription for themselves or gift it to someone else. After you are subscribed; you will be given access to your account page where you can manage your subscriptions — you can have multiple subscriptions — and follow up on your upcoming shipments, etc.

Table of Contents

Main Website

The main website was the place where all the magic happened. Here is where the customers were able to subscribe, manage their subscriptions, and change their account details.

The site was developed entirely with Angular and features like SSR (server-side rendering).

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Home Page


The checkout process is on its own an entire feature given its complexity and architecture.

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Checkout Page

The checkout process consisted of 3 steps:

  • Basics: Where the customer fills out his information.
  • Shipping Details: Here the customer specifies the address where the plants are going to be sent. It verifies and validates the address in real-time using the Google Places API and EasyPost API. Depending on the type of subscription you chose, you can also add a note if the subscription is a gift for someone else.
  • Secure Payment: The payment method information. It is worth mentioning that the checkout also includes integration with Google Pay and Apple Pay as alternative payment methods.

There is also an option to apply a coupon code for a discount.


On the account page, customers can manage their accounts and subscriptions. They can handle things like:

  • Track, pause, and cancel subscriptions.
  • Gift a subscription's next month shipment to someone else.
  • Change account details such as email, password, and payment methods.

We also created a referral system where each customer gets its own referral code that people can use when signing up, and based on the number of people that used the referral code, the customer could get a reward.

Custom Subscription Process System

We created a custom subscription processing system built with Node.js and using Braintree as the chosen payment processor. This system process thousand of subscriptions automatically each day based on their billing date.

When processing a subscription, the system takes care of tasks like:

  • Processing and validating the payment using Braintree.
  • Send notifications to customers about their subscription.

Admin dashboard

In the admin dashboard, we were able to review customer accounts, manage their subscriptions, and execute common actions like:

  • Cancel and Pause Subscriptions.
  • Reset customer passwords.
  • Process payments.
  • Create custom shipments.
  • General Troubleshooting.

Printing and Shipment System

To be able to ship the plants to their new home, we needed a system to be able to execute some tasks in order to automate the process of shipping subscriptions. The printing system we created was able:

  • Identify what subscriptions were pending to receive their plants, and group them by the order they were renewed.
  • Communicate with the EasyPost API to buy labels for the shipments.
  • Generate a PDF with all the labels of the shipments so they can be printed.

This printing system also had a dashboard where we could manage all this printing process and also review the history of labels created.

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